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Welcome to Wounded Healer!
This is a quick guide to help you get oriented.

Site Guide

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Video Tour

Watch this short video for a tour of Wounded Healer and instructions on setting up your account.

Step-by-Step Guide

Video Tour

The navigation menu can be found by clicking the menu icon (A) on the page header.

Your account area is where you can manage all of your membership settings and profile details.

You can get to this area by clicking the account icon (B) on the top right of the page header and going to “My Account”.


Here, you can view and edit your account details, profile information, membership subscriptions, files you’ve shared, forum posts, and more.

From the My Account tab:
We highly encourage you to set your Display Name (C) to an alias to protect your identity. 

You may also wish to share your location (D) so others in your area can connect with you.
Once you have made changes to your account details, click “Update Info” on the top right of My Account to save your changes.

From the Profile tab:
If you would like to change your profile and background photos, you can do so by clicking the camera icon (E) over the placeholder image.

You can add a short introduction to yourself, your journey, and the work you do under “About” (F).

You can review your membership details under the “My Subscriptions” tab (I).

If you are subscribed to a Premium membership, your order details will be here.

If you are not a Premium member, Premium plans can be found here, should you wish to upgrade.


In order to access the Community pages and features, your profile will need to be public.

The forums are where you can join in topic-specific discussion with other members. All forums that you have access to will appear here.


To open a forum thread, just click on the category name (J).


Once you have a joined a forum thread, you can browse the ongoing discussion and add your own posts (K), comments and reactions within each category.


You can customize your group notification settings to get updates about group activity. See Notifications for instructions.

Groups are a space where you can connect with others who share specific interests or live in your area to engage in more open, less structured discussion. 

Joining a group:
To join a group, click on “Join” (L) under the group name. Some groups may require you to answer a question which our admins will review before granting you access. 

Creating a group:
You can also create your own group by clicking “+ Create Group” (M). Please note that new groups will need to be approved by our admin.

Groups can be “Public” (anyone can join) or “Private” (new members require admin approval). Private groups can be set to “Visible” (anyone can see it listed) or “Hidden” (by invitation - only active group members can see it listed) (N).


You can customize your group notification settings to get updates about group activity. See Notifications for details.

Members Chat

When your profile is public, you can chat with other members of Wounded Healer through the Members Chat.


To chat with another member, click on the “Members Chat” bubble (O) on the bottom right of your screen, search (P) for the member you’d like to chat with and send them a message (Q).


You can also send a message by clicking “Message” (R)  on the member’s profile card or profile page.

Members (Premium)

Premium members can view a full list of all Wounded Healer members and a map of where members are located. This page can be found under “Community > Members”.

You can “Follow” (S) and "Message" (R) other members and check out their profile (T) from their profile card.


There are over 1000 resources available on Wounded Healer.


To access a resource from your browsing or search results, click “Link” (U) to go directly to the file.


You can find more information about the resource by clicking “Details” (V) which will open a page with a full description, category, subcategory, and key topics.


Premium members have full access to all resources while Free members have limited access.


As a Free member, you may still search/browse Premium resources, but you won’t be able to open the link without upgrading your membership (W).


You can use the Search page to search by title, source, or keyword by typing in your term and clicking “Search” (X).

Filter your results by Category and/or Subcategory by clicking “Filters” (Y) and selecting options from the dropdown menus. Free members may also filter their search to only show free resources. 

To do a new search, clear your search results by clicking “Refresh” (Z).


You can browse a full list of resources by Category (Audio, Reading List, Training, etc) by clicking on “Browse” from the Resources menu. 

The Browse page allows you to toggle between different categories (AA) to browse a full list of resources for each.

The Share Resources page is where you can upload files and share links to resources you’d like to see up on Wounded Healer. You may also view files shared by other members.


Our admins will review new submissions before adding them to the official Wounded Healer Resources collection. 

Sharing a File:

Files can be uploaded under “Share a File” (AB). 

In the file sharing area, you will be able to browse new member-submitted files and add to this collection.


To add a file, simply open (AC) or create a folder (AD) which best describes what you are submitting (eBook, Academic Papers, etc) and click “+ File” (AE) to upload your resource to the shared collection. 

Sharing a Link:

External links can be shared under “Share a Link” (AF).

Please include a title, short description, and your email address with your submission.

Once our admins have reviewed your submission, it will be added to the Wounded Healers Resources collection.

Resource Collection
Resource Sharing

Notifications will appear in your Notifications area of My Account. If you have new notifications, you will see a number beside the bell icon in your login menu. (AC)

To check and customize your notification settings, go to My Account and click More > Settings. You can also get to this page from the login menu bar dropdown menu (AD)

Here you can adjust your email notifications for Chat, Forums, Groups, and more. 

You can further customize your individual group notifications by opening the group, clicking the ... button, and selecting Notification Settings (AE).

Here you can select what you wish to be notified about and how (AF).

To get notifications for a specific post, click ... and select "Follow" (AG).

Forum Notifications

To get notificiations for a specific forum category, select "Follow" beside the category name (AH). This can be done from the main forum page or by opening a category you don't yet follow.

To get notifications for a specific post, click ... and select "Follow Post" (AI)

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